• Attract More Members
  • Positively Impact More Lives
  • Deliver Exactly What They're Looking for!
  • Be The Resource Your Community Needs!
  • Leverage the Expertise of a Top Level Expert For Your Benefit.
A Professional Personal Development System.

Fast, Simple and Awesome
The Industry's #1 Leading Character Development Program
Proven to help you Grow Your School While You Positively Impact Your Community.

This is a Total "Win-Win!"
Created by industry leading child & adolescent development expert
Dr. Robyn Silverman
Become A Personal Development Center -
The Easy & Effective Way
It's time to finally provide your students with the World Class Personal Development Experience they deserve, isn't it? This is NOT something you should be doing yourself, especially when we've made it so easy for you to be successful.
All Powerful Words packages include the following:
    • Powerful Words QuickStart Implementation System
    • License to Use Dr. Robyn & Powerful Words
    • Full Color 2' x 6' Personalized Banner for Your School
    • Monthly Implementation Call & Recording
    • Our Heroic Client Care - we Adore Helping Our Clients!
    2 Different Levels of Membership
    Billed monthly, $499 setup fee.

    • Full Implementation System
    • Access to Jason & Dr. Robyn Silverman
    • Done for You Bulletin Boards
    • 24 Professional PowerChats for All Ages Groups
    • 3 Powerful Projects for All Ages Groups
    • Parenting Materials for Retention & Attraction
    • Monthly Done for You Newsletters
    • 2 Professional Marketing Videos
    • 3 Professional Marketing Infographics

    Billed monthly, $499 setup fee.

    • EVERYTHING IN Essentials, PLUS:
    • Powerful Social Media Calendar & Full Package
    • Monthly Personalized, Full Color 2'x6' Banner (printed & shipped to you monthly)
    • Powerful Words Video Scripts for Attraction & Engagement System (created for you monthly)
    • Discounted Access to Sit In Seats for the Real Deal Business Mastermind

    Kids LOVE Powerful Words!
    Instructor's LOVE Powerful Words!
    Parents LOVE Powerful Words!
    "The Powerful Words Program has radically changed the entire face of our Kids Martial Arts Program!

    Having the expertise of Dr. Robyn Silverman and the leadership of Jason Silverman, the program has melded seamlessly with our kids martial arts curriculums. We have seen a dramatic change in the attitudes of our kids, parents and new prospects. This program delivers a REAL character development system that will put your Academy head and shoulders above the rest!

    --Tim Creuder
    Owner: Gladiator's Academy
    Powerful Words Character Development is 100% Risk Free!

    Get Started with Powerful Words and Be Completely Comfortable Knowing that you have a Full & Complete 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason What-So-Ever!  Any time within the first 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of the Powerful Words Character Development System, simply call us at (877) 769-3799 and let us know that you’d like a refund and we’ll do so immediately.

    After the initial 30 days, should you ever want to cancel your Powerful Words account, you are not tied to a long term contract…we offer a very easy 30 day cancel policy for any reason!